Getting Started

 Getting Started

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Opening A File. One of the simplest ways to get started with the Editor is to open an existing survey file and experiment with it. The best file to experiment on is FULFORD.DAT, a sample file that comes with Compass. If you have arrived at the Editor from the Project Manager, a file may already be open and so you can skip this step.


Overview. The Compass survey editor consists of three basic parts which perform different aspects of the editing process. Each part of the process is placed on separate pages in a "Tab Style" notebook. You can select anyone of these pages by clicking on one of the tabs along the top of the window. Here is a description of each page:


1. Survey Page The first page is the Survey Page. It allows you to manipulate individual surveys in a cave data file. For example, you can select, create, delete, or search for surveys using the tools on this page.


2. The Heading Page The second page is the Heading Page. Each survey has a heading that specifies general information about the survey. The Survey Page allows you to edit the heading information for the survey. It also allows you to view and set the Shot Sequence and Measurement Units for the survey.


3. The Editor Page The third page is the Editor Page. It contains the editor that allows you to enter, edit, create or modify survey shots.