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The second page of the Survey Location Tool displays a list of the stations in the current survey. This list tracks the survey selected on the Survey Page and normally displays the stations in that survey.


Station Name and Distance. The list displays a list of the stations in current survey. It also displays the distance from the entrance for that station. (Note this value is not the straight-line distance, but the distance required to walk through all the surveys to reach the station. The statistic is based on the route that was first used to get to the station. It ignores any more recently surveyed short cuts.)


The Cursor. One of the stations in the list will be highlighted. If you have used the Identifying Surveys By Cursor option, the highlighted station will be the station closest to the cursor. You can also highlight a station by clicking-on the station name in the list. This will cause the cursor to move to the location of station in the cave. This way you can locate the exact position of any survey station.


Viewing Stations In Other Surveys. The list only displays the stations from one survey. Normally, the list will only display stations from the survey selected on the Survey Page (page one.) You can also View or locate any station in the whole cave.


Paging Through Survey Stations. You can view the stations from other surveys by clicking-on the “Change Survey” buttons on the right. Clicking-on the up-arrow will take you to the previous survey and clicking-on the down-arrow will take you to the next survey.


Options. There are several options that allow you to find, focus on and utilize the station information. Here are detailed descriptions of each option:


Searching For Stations

Identifying Stations By Cursor.

Centering On A Station.

Transferring To Complex.

Editing Surveys

Leave Highlight On