Working With A Single Data File

 Single File Projects

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The Project Manager gives you the option of using single, individual Survey Data Files as a project. This is useful when the cave is small and there is no need for a project. You can also work with individual Survey Data files that are a part of an existing project without opening the whole project. You can do this by selecting the "File|Open Project/Data File" option from the menu bar and selecting any file with the extension “DAT”. You can also create a new single data file by choosing the "File|New Data File" from the menu bar.


Only One File. Once you have selected or created a new Survey Data File, it will appear in survey Tree. You can then edit, process and view the data. Because, a survey file is not a project, you cannot insert other files, delete the file, edit the node, or save a project.


No Fixed Stations. If you do choose to work with a single data file without using a project, you will not be able to set fixed stations. Remember however, that is always easy to create a new project and connect any survey data file to it.