Using The Cave Survey Compiler

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The Project Manager automatically runs the Compiler whenever the data changes and needs to be updated.  Just pressing the Process and View button on the main Project Manager screen will process any files that need to be updated. You can control which files are processed by highlighting different parts of the Project Tree. You can control how the files are processed by selecting different process options. Finally, if you need view statistics, you can force the Project Manager to update the statistics by pressing the Run|Process Only option from the menu bar.


In most cases, you should just let the Project Manager control which files are processed; however, there are a few occasions where you might want to take control. For example, you may want to force the project to be recompiled after you have changed some Compiler settings.


Manual Operation. Finally, you can operate the Compiler manually if, for some reason, you want to process a survey file that is not part of the current project.