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Scaling the Plot. The options on the Scaling Page allow you to set the scale of the plot file that is super  imposed on your sketch-map. This will force the plot to exactly match the scale of your image. Any differences between the sketch and the plot will indicate errors in the sketch, which can be removed by the morphing process.


Scale Types. There are two types of scale in a sketch-map image. The first is the Paper-Scale. The paper-scale is the resolution the image that was produced when the image was scanned. This will be a certain number of pixel per inch or cm on the paper.


The second scale is the Cave-Scale, which is scale that was used to draw the image. Most cave cartographers will choose a scale for the sketch-maps they are drawing. The scale usually depends on the size of the passage and other aspects of the cave. For example, a type cave-scale might be 20 feet per inch. In other words, an inch on paper would represent 20-feet in the cave..


The two scales are independent of each other. A sketch could be drawn at any scale the cartographer chooses and the the scan can be done at any resolution available on the scanner. The editor allows you to adjust the scanned pixels per inch, but you cannot change underlying cave-scale without redrawing or resurveying the map.


Setting The Scale. Because there are two scales, you much enter both scales before the plot will display properly. First, enter the number of pixels per inch or centimeter.(It is recommend that you standardize the scales of all your images in the Editor before you do any morphing or merging. If you have standardized  you scales, you would just enter the standard value.)


Second, enter the number of feet/inch or meter/cm the cave was sketched at. When the value are correct, press the Apply Button. The plot will be redrawn to the new scales.


Normally, people use the Action Buttons to do a rough scaling and positioning before setting the precise scale. If you try to do a precise scaling before you've done a rough scaling, you may have trouble finding parts of the cave because the passages are too big and part or all of the passages will be off the screen. If  you have lost the cave passages, just press the Reset Button on the tool bar.