Trouble Shooting

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This section covers some common problems when working with the Project Manager.


1. You Cannot Edit or View A Project. The Project Manager uses separate programs to Edit or View cave surveys. Thus, the Project Manager has to know where these programs are so it can run them as needed. A problem can occur if the Compass program files are not in the expected folder. If the Project Manager does not know where to find all the Compass programs, it will be unable to Edit or Display the survey data. This could happen if Compass was incorrectly installed or if the  Compassprogram files were moved. To correct this, use the Directories option.


2. Path Issues. Normally, the Project Manager expects to find all the files in your project in same folder as the Project File itself. If all the files are not in the same folder as the Project File, you must use the Use Path option to specify the location of the file.


If the Project Manager cannot find some or all of the files, it may not be able to close, compile or display part or all of the data. You also may get file errors.


These kinds of problems can occur if you have setup your project incorrectly or if you have moved files or rearranged folders. You can get more detailed information about the problem by checking the Project Status display. Generally, these problems are corrected by moving the Project File to the proper folder, or Editing the project nodes and specifying the proper folder.


3. Modified Project Problems. If you make changes to the Project and don't save the changes to disk, the Project Manager will not display the changes. You can tell if the Project has been modified without saving by examining the Modified Status Box.


4. Filename Conflicts. If the filename of your projectconflicts with the filename of one of your data files, the Project Manager may display the wrong data. For example, if your project is called “Fulford.mak” and one of your data files is called “Fulford.dat”, the Project Manager can generate two different plot files with the same name. One will be the plot file for the project and the other will be the plot file for the individual data file. Since two files with the same name cannot exist in the same folder, you cannot be sure which part of the cave you will be viewing. For example, you may end up viewing the whole project when you just wanted to see the individual file and vice versa.


To solve the problem, make sure that the project filename is different from any of the data file names. For example, you should not have a project filename of Lech.mak with a data filename of Lech.dat.


5. Selecting The Wrong Node. The Project Manager will only process and display the data you have selected by highlighting a node. If you notice that only part of the cave or cave system is displayed, make sure you are highlighting the Project File at the top of the tree. Also, if you are using fixed stations, you must highlight the Project File, before the fixed stations will be used.

6. Project Manager Refuses To Disappear When You Are Done. When you run the Editor from Project Manager, the Project Manager waits for the program to finish what it is doing. This enables the Project Manager to keep track of any changes that have been made to the file by the editor. If you attempt to terminate the Project Manager while the Editor is still running, the Project Manager will ignore the attempt until you terminate the Editor. The Project Manager will then terminate.