Scaling Screen and Plots

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The Status Bar gives a scaling factor in feet-per-inch or meters-per-inch for the current plot. Because of the fact that there are different size monitors and different video resolutions, the scale may not be exactly accurate for the video display. On the other hand, the scale will be exactly accurate for the printer or plotter, if the proper driver is installed.


Initial Scaling. The viewer always starts by scaling the image based on the largest possible window even when only part of the window is displayed. The size and dimensions of this window depend on the type of monitor and video mode you are using. As a result, the window could be square or rectangular.


Setting Scales. Since printer and plotter paper may not match the dimension of the screen, you should use the Print Preview option before printing. This option shows you exactly how your printout will look no matter what type of monitor, printer or paper you are using. You also have precise control of the scale, position and rotation of the cave. You also have control over the units that are used to scale the image.