Importing And Exporting Projects

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It is often useful to transfer cave data to and from other cave survey programs. For example, you may want to take advantage of the features in another program or you want to import data from a program that is no longer being actively supported. There are several ways to transfer data to and from Compass.


SEF Files. The de facto standard for transferring cave data between cave survey programs is currently a file format called "SEF." "SEF" stands for "SMAPS Exchange Format." It was originally developed for the SMAPS cave survey software, but most other survey programs have adopted it. Compass allows you to both import and export data through SEF files. Here is more detailed information about the process:


Importing An SEF File

Exporting An SEF File


RSD Files. The other common standard for importing and exporting cave data is called RSD. RSD stands for "Raw Survey Data" and was used by early version of SMAPS. The Project Manager has built-in tools for importing RSD files. Here is more information:


Importing RSD Files.


CMAP Files. CMAP is another cave survey program. It does not support SEF file exchange, so Compass allows you to import CMAP files. Here is more information about importing CMAP files:


Importing An CMAP File


Pocket Topo Files. The Pocket Topo program that works on Windows-based personal assistant programs. Compass can import cave data from the program. Here is more information on importing Pocket Topo survey data:


Importing Pocket Topo Files.


Spreadsheet Export. Compass also has special tools for exporting Compass data to Spreadsheets. Here is more information on the tools:


Exporting To Spreadsheets