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How To Get Car-Buy-Rater
Car-Buy-Rater is a freeware product. You can down load and use the product free of charge.
Car-Buy-Rater Download
To download Car-Buy-Rater, click on the following link and follow the instructions below:

Click here to download Car-Buy-Rater.
Download Instructions.
To download Car-Buy-Rater,  you begin by clicking on one of the options listed above. Usually, your browser will display a message box giving you several options. Select the "Save" option and choose any directory or folder to save the information. I usually create a new temporary folder to store these files so I don't clutter up the disk. Once you have done this, the download process will begin. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and how heavy the internet traffic is, the process can take several minutes.
Installing Car-Buy-Rater.
Car-Buy-Rater has been packaged into a single file that includes a complete installation package. Once you have down loaded the file to your computer, locate it with Windows Explorer and double click on it This will begin the installation process. Just follow the instructions and the program will be installed. A Car-Buy-Rater folder will appear in Program section of the Start Menu which contain the program, help files and supplementary materials. There will also be an Icon for the main program on your desktop.

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