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 Track and Monitor Images On The Net. 

The World Wide Web is filled with constantly changing pictures and images. World Image Tracker (WIT) allows you to track and display these images. Instead of having to repeatedly click on a web page, WIT automatically gathers these images and assembles them into animations sequences that can display change over hours or even days. In addition, WIT has powerful tools that allow you to magnify and improve the images so that even night-time pictures are displayed with crystal clarity.

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 Track The Weather and Road Conditions Real-Time!

By tracking radar maps, satellite images and road cams, you can have an up-to-the-minute picture of weather conditions in your area any time day or night. Even when a road cam or weather map is not animated, WIT can monitor the changes and load a new picture any time the image changes to create animated sequences of storms and changing conditions.

Weather Map

 Watch Cataclysmic Events Live!

Mount Saint Helens
There are web cams all over the world broadcasting images of mountains, rivers and national parks etc. You can Watch Mt. Saint Helens erupt or see red hot lava flowing from the craters of Kilauea.

 Includes Hundreds of Links!

WIT comes with hundreds of links including weather radar for every State in the US, Road Cams across the country, interesting mountain scenes and images of natural wonders. You can watch Old Faithful erupting or

Old Faithful Eruption


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