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Xedit - Programmer's Editor
Xedit is an editor specifically designed for writing programs, but it’s also useful for writing any kind of text. Xedit is not a word processor and it does not have fancy word processing features. Instead, it concentrates on being fast, powerful and efficient. It makes an ideal replacement for Notepad.
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Xedit Text Editor - Split screen example


Xedit has features not found in other editors. It can handle files of any size and lines of any length. It handles all ASCII characters including Control and Extended Characters that word processors cannot handle. It has a sophisticated macro capability that lets you write small programs to do complex editing tasks. If you are using an OEM font, you can draw boxes and panels using the box characters.
While most editors allow you to cut, copy and paste individual lines, with Xedit, you can copy, cut and paste along columns so you operate on blocks of text. This makes it easy to extract data from tables, copy blocks of code from the middle of subroutines, and insert blocks of code in the middle of subroutines.

Xedit Text Editor - Block Highlighting

Xedit also does many kinds of searches: forward and backward, case sensitive and insensitive, wildcards and search-and-replace. It has place markers that let you jump back to a marked location in the text or alternate between two marked locations. It has 32,000 levels of “Undo” and “Redo” so you can restore any text you accidentally delete, or restore the text to any previous state. There are literally hundreds of other features.

Although it is not a word processor, it does have features that perform some text formatting tasks such as automatic word-wrap, re-margining paragraphs and centering lines. It even has a spell checker.

One of the more interesting features is the one-handed operation. Most of the cursor movement operations are organized on the left side of the keyboard and are activated with the control key. This means you can navigate through the text with just one hand on the keyboard, leaving the right hand free to shuffle papers or scribble notes.

Xedit Text Editor - Control-Key Layout

Swapping Caps Lock and Control.
Xedit works best on a keyboard where the control key is just to the left of "A" key. With the control key in that position,  you hold it down with your little finger while working the other keys with the remaining fingers on the same hand. Unfortunately, most keyboards these days have the shift key in the position. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to solve the problem in software.

The are several ways to swap Caps Lock and Control.

1. System Internals Swapper. This method installs a device driver in Windows that swaps caps lock and control. I have used it successfully for many years, however it did not work properly on my latest USB keyboard. Click Here for more information.

2. Registry Swapper. This method works by changing the scan-code map in the Windows Registry. The scan-code remapping is done using a simple registry script. It does work with my newest, USB keyboard. Click Here to download the script. (Unzip the file and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt file.)

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