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Car-Buy-Rator Home Page - Automobile Evaluation Software

Free Car Evaluation Software

Details Snapshots Download PDF Manual

Car Buying Made Easy

Screen Image From Car-Buy-Rater
  •  Get The Best Deal On A Used Car.
  •  Take The Guesswork Out Of Car Buying.
  •  Save Thousands of Dollars!

Car-Buy-Rater is a free product which means that you can download and use it free.

Click here to download

 PDF Manual

System Requirements

Car-Buy-Rater runs on any PC running Windows  and is easy to install.

How It Works

Buying a used car can be a difficult task. You have to look at dozens of vehicles, trying valiantly to determine which is the best deal. Car-Buy-Rater is a  state of the art software package that instantly solves the problem. Car-Buy-Rater allows you  to quickly evaluate a long list of  vehicles and find the best bargains. It does this by analyzing the mileage, age, engine , body, transmission, drive train, tire condition, consumer ratings, the value of accessories, and the depreciation. All this information is analyzed and condensed into a single rating value. This makes it a snap to choose the very best deals.

Click here for a detailed description of how Car-Buy-Rater works.

Car-Buy-Rater can save you thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. It will also help you buy a safer, more reliable vehicle with a higher resale value. The program is very easy to use even for complete beginners.  Special "Entry Wizards" guide you, step-by-step, through the evaluation process. It has a simple screen layout with a color-coded display that shows you at a glance which cars offer the best values and which offer the worst.

Click here to see actual images of the Car-Buy-Rater screens.


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