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 Snapshots Of Car-Buy-Rater Screens
To give you a clear idea of how Car-Buy-Rator works, here are series of actual screen image from the program showing you the steps for entering and evaluating different vehicles.

Main Car-Buy-Rater Screen - Comparing Vehicle Values

Car-Buy-Rater - Main Screen.  This image shows the Car-Buy-Rater main screen. The columns show a description of the vehicle, the make, model, year and the "cost per unit" rating. This is the rating that is used to evaluate the vehicle. The lower the cost per unit, the better the bargain. You will notice that the list of vehicles is color-coded with the best bargains colored green at the top of the list and worst bargains colored red at the bottom of the list. This image only shows part of the list. If you scroll the list to the right, eight other items appear including Price, Mileage, Tire Condition, Body Condition, Engine Condition, Drive Train Condition, Reliability, and Accessories.

Vehicle Entry Wizards

Car-Buy-Rater has a "Wizard" that makes it easy to edit and enter information in the list. The Wizard walks you through the process, step-by-step, with clear and simple instructions. Here are some of the Wizard screens:

Make and Model Entry Wizard

Image showing the Make and Model Entry screen.

This image shows the Wizard screen that allows you to enter the make and model of a vehicle that you are evaluating. You simply locate the make of the car in the list on the left side and the select the model from the list on the right. The Wizard knows about over 600 makes and models, so unless you have a very unusual car, selecting a vehicle is simply a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Tire Wear Entry Wizard

Image showing Tire Wear Wizard

Car-Buy-Rater uses the condition and quality of various parts of the cars to arrive at a value. The Tire Wear Wizard is a good example. Here you specify how much life is left in the tires. It is easy to estimate tire wear by just looking and there are instructions in the Cary-Buy-Rater Help Menu for doing this. However, there will be some situations where you will not be able to evaluate the condition. For example, if you are doing a preliminary evaluation of cars listed in the want ads. In these situations, you just select a 50% value and then fill in the information later when you've had a chance to look at the car close up.

Accessory Entry Wizard

Image showing Accessory Entry Wizard.

One of the things that can add to the value of a car are accessories.  This Wizard allows you add the value of accessories to the value of a vehicle. It also allows you to customize the vehicle evaluation process to meet your specific needs. For example, an off-road enthusiast might put a very high value on a winch and driving lights, whereas a grandmother might put a relatively low value on this type of item.

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