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Uses For World Image Tracker
The World Image Tracker has a variety of uses ranging from entertainment to security. Because it can load, track and save any image from the internet, it can be used to monitor any remote web cam, satellite image, scientific instrument or even graphs, plots and charts. The ability to animate the images, allows you to see things that static images don't. Wit also gives you the options of creating a permanent records of everything that it captures.
 1. Web Cams
Since Web Cams are cheap and can be placed almost anywhere, they monitor virtually any object in the world ranging from out door scenes, mountains, equipment, etc. Since WIT can track these images for hours, day and weeks on end, you can maintain a permanent visual record of every event that occurred within the range of your camera.

 2. Science
The web is also full of scientific images. For example, the image to the right shows an animation made from a series of satellite images that show the solar corona. Even though the images are static on the web site, WIT is able to collect them over long periods of time and save them as animations of various types. This includes movie files and animated gifs.

 3. Equipment Monitoring
WIT and a web cam makes it is easy to monitor equipment in remote, inaccessible and or hostile environments. Web cam go places people are reluctant to go and stay when the weather would drive people indoors. Since WIT can monitor equipment 24 hours a day you can have a record of events that happened when nobody was around.

 4. Graphs
The web doesn't just have photographs of objects and scenes. There are also live charts and graphs. For example, the chart to right is a seismograph in California showing an earth quake.

 5. Security

WIT allows you to use inexpensive web cams as security cameras. WIT can download new images at regular intervals. It can also monitor the images for movement or motion and only load those images that show a change. Finally, it can isolate the motion between frames showing only the parts that change. This allows you to focus on very small changes in the images that may indicate security problems or illicit activities.


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