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When you are working with a large and complex cave, finding a particular part of the cave can be difficult. For this reason, the Viewer has many features that allow you to select and view portions of the cave for detailed examination. It also has the ability to navigate through the cave in real-time, so you can spontaneously move to any part of the cave you want. Here is a detailed description of the process of navigating:




Overview/Zoom Mode

Zooming and Panning

Plan and Profile Views

Zooming Modes

Refresh Modes

Tool and Status Bars

Toolbar Functions

Auto Repeat Buttons

Right-Click Context Menu

Short Cut Keys

The Compass



Redrawing the screen

Rotating The Cave

Aborting Redraws

Exact Scale

Resetting Pans and Zooms

Undoing Pans, Zooms and Rotations

Dragging and Flying

Real Time Drawing

Saving Views of a Cave

Saving Plot Files

Pan/Zoom Increments

Setting Exact Scales

Scale Units

Scaling Screen and Plots

Default Settings