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Image Controls

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Image Controls. Directly below the Image Display is a set of controls that allows you to adjust the basic aspects of the drawing.


A. Scale. This option is used to increase or decrease the size of the pattern being drawn. This is useful when the pattern is smaller than you want, or the pattern is too big to fit on the screen. Values bigger than one magnify the pattern. Values smaller than one shrink the pattern.

B. X-Offset/Y-Offset. These options are used to move the pattern around on the screen. The X-Offset option moves the pattern horizontally on the screen: negative values move the pattern left, positive values move the pattern right. The Y-Offset option moves the pattern vertically on the screen: negative values move the pattern up, positive values move the pattern down.


C. Reset Button. Pressing the Reset button sets the scale to one and the offset values to zero.


D. Clear Figure Button. Pressing the Clear Figure button clears to the image, setting the color to the currently specified background color.


E. Back Color Button. Pressing the Back Color button, allows you to change the color of the back to the image. The new color is only applied when you press the Clear Figure button described above.


F. Click Offset. This option makes it easy to move/offset a drawing to specific place on the Image Display. It works similarly to the X-Offset/Y-Offset described above except that it allows you to choose the location graphically by clicking on the target location. Pressing the Click-Offset button arms the feature. Once it is armed, clicking on any place in Image Display will change the X-Offset and Y-Offset values so the drawing will be centered on that point.

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