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Mechanism Status/Settings

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Mechanism Status/Settings. Directly below the mechanism display is a set of the controls that displays the status of the mechanism and allows you preset the positions of the wheels.


 A. Status Display. The top row displays the rotational status of the mechanism. The "Main" item shows the current angle of the Main Wheels. The "Planet" items show the current angle of the two secondary planetary-wheels. In the  "Phase" section, the  first item shows phase angle between two main wheels and the second item shows the phase angle between the two secondary wheels. Pressing the "Set" button resets all the rotation values to those specified in the setting section described below.


B. Settings. The bottom row contains controls that allow you to preset the rotations of the wheels in the mechanism. The "Main" items sets the rotations of the Main Wheels. The "Planet" items sets the rotation of the secondary, "planetary" wheels. Pressing the "Clear" button sets all the values to zero.

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