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Getting Started

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Using Saved Patterns. The program comes with a set of pre-saved patterns to give you some interesting images to start with. The simplest way to get started, is to select one of the "Saved Patterns" from the list that appears on the tool bar. Then press the "Run" button and the program will begin drawing a pattern.

Vary Parameters. Using a saved image as a starting point, you can vary the the Wheels Sizes, the RPM of each Wheel and other parameters that control the shape of the pattern. As you change the parameters, you can clear the screen to start the image from scratch as the pattern changes.

Save New Patterns. Finally, if you find a pattern you like, you can save the pattern to the list of Saved Patterns so you can recall the image at a later date.

Special Effects. To create even more interesting images, you can control the line color, set color gradients, control the background color or mosaic the spaces between lines.

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