Archives: Questions and Answers From The Compass Users Group.

Background. Over the years, Compass has had several user's groups. The first one was on Yahoo and it ran from 2000 to 2005. In 2005, a glitch at Yahoo, deleted the user group and we had to start a new one. That group ran from 2006 through 2020. At the end of 2019, Yahoo downgraded all Yahoo Groups, and eliminated them near the end of 2020. For this reason, Compass switched to Google Groups. Click here for information about how to join the current Compass Users Group.

Archives. Fortunately, I was able to archive all the questions, messages and discussion from both user's groups. The first archive is here:

First Yahoo Archive 2000 to 2005.

It contain 180 messages.

The second archive is here, broken down by year.

Yahoo Archive 2006
Yahoo Archive 2007
Yahoo Archive 2008
Yahoo Archive 2009
Yahoo Archive 2010
Yahoo Archive 2011
Yahoo Archive 2012
Yahoo Archive 2013
Yahoo Archive 2014
Yahoo Archive 2015
Yahoo Archive 2016
Yahoo Archive 2017
Yahoo Archive 2018
Yahoo Archive 2019

It contains another 617 messages.

You can search all users group archives using the Google Search gadget

This search focuses specifically on the archives and does not search the whole Compass web site. To search the whole web site, go back to the Compass main page and use the Google Search Box at the top.

Format. Most of the messages were in the MIME email format. and it took quite a bit of cleanup to make the information presentable. There are still sections of the archive where the formatting is ugly, especially sections that contained foreign language text. For example, Chinese characters were turned random English characters.

Content.  The messages cover an extremely wide range of topics. Each message begins with two horizontal bars that encloses a message number, which makes it easier to find a specific message. You can search through a specific year  using "Find" or "F3" option in your browser. You can also download each year's file so you can keep it handy.