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Compass User's Group Information
1. What is the "Compass Users Group"? Note to existing users:
The Compass Users Group is a forum for users of the Compass Cave Survey Software package. The forum is open to anyone one, but is particularly relevant to cavers, cave cartographers and Compass Users. There is no charge to join and people are free to join or resign at any time.

The primary topic of the group is cave surveying, cave exploring and specifically, using Compass to map caves. It is also a place for people to  ask questions, share tips and experiences, and report bugs. Finally it is a place to make suggestions and request new features.
2. Archives Old Questions, Answers and Comments.
The User's Group has been through several incarnations. It was originally on Yahoo and now it on Google Groups. I have archived old posts and questions so you can look through them for answer to questions and ideas about cave surveying.

Here is a link to the archive User's Group messages and discussions:

.Users Group Archives.

3. How to subscribe and manage your mail account.
You will need an a Google account to subscribe to "Compass Users". You can join by clicking on the link below and following the instructions.

After you have requested membership, you will receive an email approving your membership. At this point, you will be a member of the "Compass Users Group"! From this point on you can post your own submissions to the user's group. To post messages, send an email to this address:

[email protected]

More information will be available when I've finished posting the 2005 to 2020 archive.

3. Rules, Suggestions and Etiquette
There are some rules for the users of the mailing list. These are:
  • When you post a question or problem to the "Compass Users Group", it is important to give as much information as possible. For example, a precise description of the error message and problem is essential. It is also very important to give the precise steps and conditions required to reproduce the problem. An email saying "I can't print" is not very helpful. In addition, please provide the Compass version number.  (Look in the "About" window of any of the program.) In many cases, the problem will already be fixed and all you have to do is download the a new version.
  • Before you post, it is often useful to review the Compass User Group archives. In many instances, you will be able to solve the problem by reading old posts. The message archive has a search engine that will help you find relevant postings.
  • In addition, be sure to read the Compass help files. The help files contain lots of problem solving information and they will help you understand the operation of various features so you can ask better questions.
  • Remember, if you reply to a user group email, your response will go to the whole user group, not just to the original author!
  • Real people have real names. Please put your name in the "From: " field of your e-mail client. It is bad style to use names like "CyberCaver" or "[email protected]". O.K.?
  • Do not send HTML formatted messages to this list - not everybody uses Outlook or another HTML-able mail reader.
  • Do not send messages with attachments to the list. If you would publish files please put them on a http or ftp server and post only the URL of the files. Alternatively you can go to the file area of this forum and place your stuff there.
  • BTW: Flame wars are verboten! :-)

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