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Common Problems and Troubleshooting

XIII. Common Problems/Trouble Shooting. Here is a list of common problems you may encounter during the drawing process:

1. I Did Something Wrong and Now The Drawing Is A Mess. This happens fairly often when you are first learning and don't completely understand the workings of Inkscape. The simple solution is to hit Control-Z one or more times. Each time you hit Control-Z, the program will undo the previous change. If you do this enough times, you will eventually get back to a place where the drawing not a mess and you can start over from there.

2. I Put Several Objects on the Wrong Layer. This is another common error that occurs because you lose track of what layer is selected. If items are on the wrong layer, they may be handled improperly by external programs like Compass. To solve the problem without losing all your work, select the objects with "Selection Tool" and then switch to the proper layer. Now use the "Edit -> Paste In Place" option. This will the objects back into Inkscape in the exact same position, but on the correct layer.

3. Cannot Select Any Objects. Check to make sure the very top layer in the layer-list is unlocked. It controls all the layers and if it is locked, no layer can be selected.

4. Cannot Select a Specific Object. This typically occurs when the layer the object is on is locked. To solve the problem, simply unlock the layer. Also make that all other layers above it in the hierarch are unlocked.

The problem be particularly confusing when object is on the wrong layer. For example, if you have a Passage Detail has been drawn on the Passage Walls layer. When this happens, you will swear the layers is unlocked, but you still cannot select it. The solution is to unlock all layers. (Be sure to expand all layer and check the sub layers.) Now, you should be able to select the layer and when you do, the actual layer it is on will be highlighted. Use the "Cut" and "Paste Into" options to move the object back to the proper layer.

5. Cannot Select a Small Object. If you have a single line that is mixed in with a bunch of other lines, it  may be difficult to select the that object. Try using the "Node Select" tool. It is more precise for selecting. If that doesn't work, use the Node Select tool to move the lines out of the way and then select. Once you have made your changes, just put lines back.

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