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Color By Distance
This option colors the passages according to the distance from the closest part of the cave. This creates a 3D effect that makes easier to differentiate far and near passages. As an example, the image above colors near passages red and far passages blue. Because of blue has a shorter wave length than red, your eye has to focus farther away for the blue passages. This give the illusion of 3D without the need for special glasses. You also have the option of draw near passages thick, which enhances the 3D illusion.
Color Schemes.

There are also several standard color schemes available. The color scheme above colors distant passage light gray and near passages black. This creates the same 3D illusion when the cave displayed on a white background or printed on white paper.
Black Background.
This image illustrates the color scheme used for black backgrounds. Here the nearby passages are colored white and the far passages are colored dark gray. You can also create your own custom color schemes and gradients.
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