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Locating and Identifying Surveys and Stations
In a large cave, you can have thousands of stations and hundreds of surveys. Locating a single station or survey can be very difficult. At the same time, it can be very difficult to identify which survey you are looking at when you are zoomed in on a mass of passages.

Survey Location Tool

This image illustrates the survey/station location process. Here I have located the beginning of the Western Borehole in Lechuguilla by clicking the mouse on the passage and pressing the search button. The program locates the survey and station closest to the cursor and highlights them in the plot. It also highlights the survey and station in the survey list. Here the survey turns out to be the EC survey. You can also click on any survey or station in the list, and the highlight will shift to that survey and station. You can also search the survey and station list and transfer located surveys to the Complex Plotting Dialog for more complex highlighting.

One of the most useful features is the ability to center the display on a single station or single survey. Since the display is centered in 3D, when you rotate, the image always stays centered on the station or survey. This is useful when you are focusing on a particular part of a cave.

Right Click Menus
Right-click menus allow you to quickly identify stations and edit surveys based on the cave passage under the cursor. (You will also notice the scroll bars on the side of the window. This is a minor improvement that makes it easier to view a specific part of the cave when the window minimized.)
Identifying Stations and Surveys.
 This image  illustrates the option of identifying the station under the cursor. Here we have identified the RB15 station and the rest of the survey is highlighted in yellow. You also have a list of the stations in the survey and list of surveys and sections in the cave.
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