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III. Preliminaries. At this point we want to make some preliminary settings to make editing easier down the road.
A. Turn Off Layers. The exported SVG file contains a lot of extraneous data that will clutter up the screen and get in the way during this phase of the operation, so we want to hide these layers.  I would turn off the "cmp_passage," and the "w2d_Background" layers so the sketch-map image is easier to see.

B. Turn On Layers. Likewise, you need to make sure several layers are turned on.  First, we need to be able to see the shot lines and station labels, so you want to turn on the "w2d_Labels" and "w2d_Survey" layers. You also want to makes sure "cmp_tracing" and "cmp_Sketchmap1" are enabled.

C. Lock Layers. Finally, it is useful to "Lock" some layers so you don't accidentally disturb then during the editing process. For example, I usually Lock all the layers  except the layer I'm working on.
 I almost always lock the Grid Layer because it is always in the way.

If you find yourself accidentally moving layers, just lock them. You can tell which layers are being accidently moved because that layer will be highlighted right after it moves.
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