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Problems Downloading and Installing Compass. Windows and Antivirus programs are now getting more and more picky about what programs they will allow to be installed on a computer. Many antivirus programs rely on the creation date of a program to determine how safe the program is. New programs are often flagged as unsafe because so few people have used them that the antivirus program will be worried that the file might not have made it into the virus/malware databases. Since I frequently update Compass with new features and bug fixes, Compass programs are often just a few weeks old. As a result, they are often flagged as suspicious. To help solve this problem, I have taken two actions:

1. New Installer. The installer I have used for years was a third party tool that I had the source code for. That made it easy for me to modify the installer so it could do anything I wanted. The problem was that many antivirus programs didn't recognize the installer and would flag and delete the program as soon as it was downloaded. I've solve that problem by switching the Inno Setup installer, which is a widely used installer. The antivirus programs now recognize the installer and don't automatically remove the program as soon as it is downloaded.

2. Compass Files Digitally Certified and Signed. In addition, all Compass executable files are digitally signed using an Authenticode Certificate from Comodo. Before you can get a certificate, you have to verify your address and business credentials. Once you have a certificate, you sign all your executable files with a code that cannot be forged. The certificate ensures that the file came from Fountain Computer and that it hasn't been tampered with. As a result, Antivirus programs are less likely to flag it and Windows won't warn you about the trustworthiness of the file. For example this is the type of warning message you get from Windows if a program isn't signed:

This shows the same program digitally signed:

Likewise, your browser will warn you if you try to download an unsigned file:

But the warning will go away if the file is signed:

Worst of all, your antivirus program may remove the program without any warning:

There still may be some issues at first while the Fountain Computer certificate develops a reputation, but at least the virus programs won't automatically remove the program and will offer you the choice of saving and running the program:

As the Fountain Computer digital signature makes it into more databases and develops a trustworthy reputation, even these problems should fade.

How To Determine If Compass Software is Safe. If you have any questions about a Compass file's authenticity, you should verify it before you attempt to install it. Click here for  instructions.

False Positives. Even with all the measures I've taken to eliminate download and installation problems, it is still possible to have problems. Typically these problems are due to "false positives. Click here for detailed information about dealing with this type of problem.

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