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Integrated 3D Export Tool
Cavers frequently need to export cave images in a variety of the 2D and 3D Formats. These formats a very similar, so Compass now has integrated export tool that handles DXF, Shapefiles and VRML. The Exporter uses the Compass 3D Passage Modeling Engine to generate the passage models, so all the exported data has high quality 3D passages. Both the Compass Viewer and CaveX use the 3D tool. 
Compass now supports the export of 3D cave models as VRML files. VRML stands for “Virtual Reality Modeling Language”. It is a language designed construct and display 3D objects. It is especially useful for viewing 3D objects over the Internet. VRML images can use sophisticated modeling techniques including Gouraud Shading, spline surfaces, directional lighting, texturing and high-speed animation to display very realistic images. For caves, this allows the creation super-realistic looking cave passages.
VRML Images

Here is a sample VRML Image. Click here to install a VRML plug-in and view live, animated VRML cave images.

VRML Information
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