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The COMPASS CD-ROM contains all the programs and documentation that are part of the complete COMPASS cave surveying software package. This includes the Windows version of COMPASS, plus additional programs such as CaveBase, CaveX, and the DEMReader. It also includes legacy versions of COMPASS, which includes the COMPASS for DOS and all the DOS based untility programs. The CD includes both the installation versions of the program and the unpacked, ready-to-run versions. There is also a complete collection of all COMPASS and cave surveying articles, and a complete copy of the current version of the COMPASS web page. As a bonus there is a copy of XEDIT, a replacement editor for the Windows Notepad that can be used to make emergency repairs on COMPASS data file and which will not damage COMPASS data files. In addition, there is a freeware Windows program that converts SDTS format DEM files to a COMPASS compatible format. Finally, the CD contains dozens of other files such as cave data, plots and DEM files that are too large to post or download from the internet. The CD currently includes 127 DEM files from 14 different states. (More are being added all the time.) Currently, there are more than 600 megabytes of programs and information for a total of nearly 422 files on the CD. Even if all this information were on the internet, it would require a long time to download. The CD can save you money as well as time. If you are a new COMPASS user you can save $36 by ordering the CD/Registration package:
Purchased Separately       With CD-ROM
Windows/DOS Registration    $38.00 $0.00
Database Registration $20.00 $0.00
CD-ROM $28.00 $50.00
Totals $86.00 $50.00

Each CD-ROM is burned at the time the software is ordered. This means you always get the latest versions of all the COMPASS software and support materials. The CD-ROM is also updated with each new release of COMPASS and will include more DEM files as I accumulate them.

One of the purposes of this CD is to provide you with a complete copy of the entire COMPASS package that can be taken anywhere and used on any computer with a CD-Rom Drive. The COMPASS CD is ideal for cavers who are traveling because CDs are more durable than floppy disks and less susceptible to damage from magnetic fields, airport X-Ray machines etc.

Credit Card Orders - Click here if you wish to order the CD by credit card.

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