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Downloading, Installation and Trouble Shooting

Download Instructions. To download Compass,  you begin by clicking on one of the options listed on the download page. Usually, your browser will display a message box giving you several options. Select the "Save" option and choose any directory or folder to save the information. I usually create a new temporary folder to store these files so I don't clutter up the disk. Once you have done this, the download process will begin. Depending on the speed of your modem and how heavy the internet traffic is, the process may take several minutes.

Installing Compass Programs. Each of the Compass programs have been packaged into a single file that includes the complete installation package. Once you have downloaded the files to your computer, locate them in Windows Explorer and double click on them. This will begin the installation process. Just follow the instructions and the programs will be installed. A Compass folder will appear in Program section of the Start Menu which contain all programs, help files and supplementary materials. There will also be an Icon for the main program on your desktop.


Troubleshooting Downloads. Sometimes people have trouble downloading Compass files right after I have posted an update. This problem can occur when your browser has cached an old version of the web page. Since  the browser is using an old copy of the page, it tries download a copy of the file that is no longer on the page. If you have trouble downloading one of the Compass files, try clearing cache in your browser.

Antivirus Issues. Another problem with downloads is that the antivirus program may block the download from being saved on your disk. I've done extensive work and on this problem and I think it is solved. Click here for detailed information on the issues.

Troubleshooting Installations. Antivirus programs can also block or interfere with the installation process. I've done extensive work and on this problem and I think it is solved. Click here for detailed information on the issues. Step-By-Step Installation Walk-Through. If you are new computers or are just having trouble installing Compass. Here is set of step-by-step procedures for installing Compass on various computers and operating systems. Some of the instructions depend on what operating system you are using. For example, Window 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 all handle these tasks differently. Also, different browsers work differently. "Internet Explorer" comes installed on all versions of Windows, but people will also install different browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Here are instructions for downloading and installing Compass:

1. Choose The File. Go to this web page:

Scroll down until you see "Compass For Windows," in yellow letters. Click directly on that link.

2. Download And Run The Installer. Depending on which browser you are using, the browser may offer to either download and/or run the program.

A. If the browser gives you the option of running the program then you should allow it do so and go to the step 3.

B. If you only have the option of downloading the program, allow it to do so and take note of where it wants to save the program. Usually, the browser will offer to open the folder where the program was saved. In either case, navigate to where the program has been saved. It will be named "WCMP32." Double click on the program.

3. Antivirus Issues. Depending on the version of Windows you are using and what anti-virus software you are running, you may see a popup window warning you about the program. Likewise, you may get warnings from your anti-virus program about the program. In all cases you need to circumvent the warnings and allow the programs to run. Click here for detailed information on dealing with Downloading and Antivirus Programs.

4. Install Process. Once you get the actual installer running, you will see a window that fills the whole screen and has the words "Compass" at the top. Click on the "Next" button and it will walk you through the installation process.If you are using Windows 8, you should go here for detailed instructions for that version of Windows.

5. Running Compass. When the installation process has finished, you should see an Icon on your Windows desk top labeled "Project Manager." This is the main Compass program. Double clicking on the Icon, will start the Project Manager. Everything is controlled from the Project M anager.

6. Getting Started. One of the best ways to get started with Compass is to look at some real cave data. There is a 1-mile cave call Fulford Cave that is included with the installation. Here is a online tutorial that will walk you through opening and viewing this cave:

7. Compass Basics. Here are some tutorials that will show you how to Organize, Edit, Process and View caves files:

8. Step-by-step Procedures. Here are step-by-step instructions for doing various tasks:

9. The Survey Editor. The Survey Editor is used to enter and edit survey information. Here is information about using the Cave Survey Editor:

10. The Cave Viewer. The Cave Viewer is specialized program that allows you to display and manipulate the cave in three dimensions. Here is information about using the Cave Viewer:

11. Compass Features. Compass has literally hundreds of features for manipulating, viewing and analyzing caves. Here detailed summary of all the major features of Compass including screen images:





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