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 Reorganized Viewer Menu Command. The menu system in the Compass Viewer has been reorganized to be more logical and easier to understand by grouping similar commands together. For people who have gotten used to the old menu, this table will help you find your favorite commandsn:

 Command  Menu Path
24 Color Mode Mode->24 Color Mode
3D Compass Window->3D Compass
About Help->About
Add User Tools Tools->Add User Tools
Adjust Bitmap File->Bitmap->Adjust Bitmap
Animations Tools->Animations
Color By Depth Display->Color By->Color By Depth
Color By Entrance Distance Display->Color By->Color By Entrance Distance
Color By Section Display->Color By->Color By Section
Color By Survey Display->Color By->Color By Survey
Color By View Distance Display->Color By->Color By View Distance
Color By Year Display->Color By->Color By Year
Copy Edit->Copy
Display Azimuth Display->Label/Mark->Display Azimuth
Display Coordinates Display->Label/Mark->Display Coordinates
Display Elevations Display->Label/Mark->Display Elevations
Display Entrance Distance Display->Label/Mark->Display Entrance Distance
Display Inclination Display->Label/Mark->Display Inclination
Display Length Display->Label/Mark->Display Length
Display Stations Display->Label/Mark->Display Stations
Drag Mode Mode->Drag Mode
Edit Bitmap File->Bitmap->Edit Bitmap
Enter Box or Redraw  Action->Enter Box or Redraw 
Exit File->Exit
Export 3D Formats File->Export->Export 3D Formats
Find Survey/Station Tools->Find Survey/Station
Graph Tools Tools->Graph Tools
Hidden Refresh Screen Mode->Refresh Mode->Hidden Refresh Screen
Horizontal Bar for Status/Tools Window->Horizontal Bar for Status/Tools
Index Help->Index
Keyword Search Help->Keyword Search
Load Bitmap File->Bitmap->Load Bitmap
Mark Fixed Stations Display->Label/Mark->Mark Fixed Stations
Measure Distance/Angles Tools->Measure Distance/Angles
Memory Refresh Screen Mode->Refresh Mode->Memory Refresh Screen
Morphology Settings Preferences->Morphology Settings
Open plot file File->Open plot file
Overview Mode Action->Overview Mode
Pan Down Action->Pan->Pan Down
Pan Left Action->Pan->Pan Left
Pan Right Action->Pan->Pan Right
Pan Up Action->Pan->Pan Up
Passage Wall Modeling Preferences->Passage Wall Modeling
Plot Refresh Screen Mode->Refresh Mode->Plot Refresh Screen
Preview Print File->Print->Preview Print
Print Cave File->Print->Print Cave
Print Options File->Print->Print Options
Printer setup File->Print->Printer setup
Profile Mode Action->Profile Mode
Record Movie Tools->Record Movie
Remove Bitmap File->Bitmap->Remove Bitmap
Reopen File->Reopen
Reset Zoom/Pan/Rotation Action->Reset Zoom/Pan/Rotation
Restore User Settings Preferences->Defaults->Restore User Settings
Rotate Left Action->Rotate->Rotate Left
Rotate Right Action->Rotate->Rotate Right
Save Plot File File->Save Plot File
Save Screen Image File->Export->Save Screen Image
Save User Settings Preferences->Defaults->Save User Settings
Scale, Magnification, Rotation Action->Scale, Magnification, Rotation
Set Color Distance Preferences->Set Color Distance
Set Colors and Fonts Preferences->Set Colors and Fonts
Set Complex Preferences->Set Complex
Set Depth Bar Preferences->Set Depth Bar
Set Legend Preferences->Set Legend
Set Quads Preferences->Set Quads
Set Shadow Box. Preferences->Set Shadow Box.
Set Stereo Mode Preferences->Set Stereo Mode
Settings Preferences->Settings
Show Depth Bar Display->Show->Show Depth Bar
Show Legend Display->Show->Show Legend
Show Morphology Display->Show->Show Morphology
Show Passage Walls Display->Show->Show Passage Walls
Show Quads Display->Show->Show Quads
Show Shadow Box Display->Show->Show Shadow Box
Station/Label/Line Handling Preferences->Station/Label/Line Handling
Status Box Window->Status Box
Stereo View Display->Show->Stereo View
Tool Bar Buttons Help->Tool Bar Buttons
Tool Box Window->Tool Box
Undo Last Action Action->Undo Last Action
Use Factory Settings Preferences->Defaults->Use Factory Settings
View Loops Tools->View Loops
Views File->Views
Zoom In Action->Zoom->Zoom In
Zoom Out Action->Zoom->Zoom Out
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