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Color-By-Survey.  This complex option allows you to select individual surveys and color each one a different color.
1. Complex Dialog Box. To use the Complex Plotting options, bring up the Complex Plotting Dialog Box by select the "Preference -> Complex Plotting" option from the Viewer Menu Bar.

2. Enable Complex Plotting. To enable Complex Plotting, click on the Enable Complex Plotting box at the bottom of the Options page. It should turn green when it is enabled.

3. Color-By Survey. In this tutorial, we are going to be choosing specific surveys and coloring them individually. To do this, select the Color By Survey option in the Primary Mode box.

4. Selecting Surveys. Click on the "Color Surveys tab. This will bring up the Color Survey page which controls all the survey-coloring options

The Color Surveys page displays a list of all surveys in the cave. You can select an individual survey by clicking on it wit the mouse cursor. You can also drag the mouse or use the Shift Key to select multiple surveys.

5. Changing Attributes. Each column in the list displays attributes that apply to the survey. The buttons above the column allow you to Set  attribute to a new value or Clear the value back to its default value. The other boxes on the page control the values of each attribute.

6. Color Attributes. In this case, we are going to focus on setting the Colors of each survey. We can choose any color for any survey. You choose the color in the Select Color box below the list.


In this case, we have chosen the color blue. We have also selected two surveys, the "A+" and the B survey. By clicking on the Set Button, the indicated survey color changes from the Default value to blue, and blue rectangle appears in the list.

7. Display Changes. Before the changes you've made will appear, you must press the "Show Changes" button. As you can see from the display to the right, some surveys are now color red (the default color) and some are colored blue.

Every survey in the cave can be colored a different color in this way.


Other attributes work the same way and in general, all the Complex Plotting options work by selecting combinations of options from the "Options" page and then setting specific values in the other pages. At this point in time, the complex options cannot be saved, so you must capture images of the screen to preserve the displays.
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