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Getting Started
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Development System
The IDE Editors
Opening and Saving Files
Manipulating Tabs
Intrinsic Prototypes
Editor Context Menu
File Properties
The Editor Screen
Editor Toolbar
The Edit Window
The Command Line
The Status Line
Basic Operations
Control Characters
Insert And Overwrite Modes
Mouse And Scoop Highlighting
Undoing and Redoing
Indent Matching
Scoop Buffer
Long Lines
Editor Key Commands and Macros
Immediate Mode
Immediate Commands
Immediate Mode Summary
Cursor Movement Commands
Delete Commands
Insert Special Characters
Formating Commands
Scoop Commands
Command Line Commands
File Command
Mode Commands
Search Commands
Deferred Mode
Deferred Command Summary
Editing Command Lines
Command Line Key Commands
Repeating Commands
Command Line Searches
Expressions and Conditionals
The Expression Variable
Output Commands
Command Loops
Abort Command
Global Searches
Compiling and Running Programs
Message Panel
Console Window
Console Refresh
Video Modes
VGA Color Palettes
Debug Tools
Source Toolbar
Debugger Source Panel
Debugger Watches
Watch Properties
Modify Variable
Variable List
Image Display
Expanded Variable Display
Debugger Breakpoints
System Information
Console Page
Bitmap Page
Memory Page
Files Page
Stack Panel
I2L Panel
I2L Opcode Table
Memory Tools
Memory Dump
Memory Analysis
Display Vectors
Stack Dump
Device Channel 10
Program Structure Tool
Disassembly, I2L Code Dump
PC to Line Number
Intrinsic State Dialog
Compiler Dumps
Runtime Parameters
Debugger Options
Intrinsic Parameter Checking
Opening Command Prompts or Explorer
Programming Tools
External Editor
DOS Prompt
Explorer Window
Intrinsic Code Generator
Internal Constants
VGA Modes/Palettes
Stand Alone Programs
General Page
Compiler Message Page
Tools Page
Editor Fonts/Colors Page
Windows Fonts
Library Files/Path
Trouble Shooting
XPL0 Errors
Compile Errors
XPL0 Warnings
Run-time Errors
File I/O
Device Channels
Device 0 Details
Device 1 Details
Device 2 Details
Device 2 Example
Device 3 Details
Device 3 Example
Lower Case Program
Device 4 Details
Device 4 Example
Device 5 Details
Device 5 Example
Device 6 Details
Device 7 Details
Device 8 Details
Device 8 Example
Device 9 Details
Device 9 Example
Device 10 Details
Intrinsic Tables
Intrinsics - Numerical Order
Intrinsics - Alphabetical Order
Intrinsics - By Function
Standard Intrinsics
Intrinsics 0 - 20
Intrinsic-0 Abs
Intrinsic-1 Ran
Intrinsic-2 Rem
Intrinsic-3 Reserve
Intrinsic-4 Swap
Intrinsic-5 Extend
Intrinsic-6 Restart
Intrinsic-7 ChIn
Intrinsic-8 ChOut
Intrinsic-9 CrLf
Intrinsic-10 IntIn
Intrinsic-11 IntOut
Intrinsic-12 Text
Intrinsic-13 OpenI
Intrinsic-14 OpenO
Intrinsic-15 Close
Intrinsic-16 Abort
Intrinsic-17 Trap
Intrinsic-18 Free
Intrinsic-19 Rerun
Intrinsic-20 GetHp
Intrinsics 21 - 40
Intrinsic-21 SetHp
Intrinsic-22 GetErr
Intrinsic-23 Cursor
Intrinsic-24 FSet
Intrinsic-25 SetRun
Intrinsic-26 HexIn
Intrinsic-27 HexOut
Intrinsic-28 Chain
Intrinsic-29 FOpen
Intrinsic-30 Write
Intrinsic-31 Read
Intrinsic-32 FClose
Intrinsic-33 ChkKey
Intrinsic-34 SoftInt
Intrinsic-35 GetReg
Intrinsic-36 Blit
Intrinsic-37 Peek
Intrinsic-38 Poke
Intrinsic-39 Sound
Intrinsic-40 Clear
Intrinsics 41 - 60
Intrinsic-41 Point
Intrinsic-42 Line
Intrinsic-43 Move
Intrinsic-44 ReadPix
Intrinsic-45 SetVid
Intrinsic-46 RlRes
Intrinsic-47 RlIn
Intrinsic-48 RlOut
Intrinsic-49 Float
Intrinsic-50 Fix
Intrinsic-51 RlAbs
Intrinsic-52 Format
Intrinsic-53 Sqrt
Intrinsic-54 Ln
Intrinsic-55 Exp
Intrinsic-56 Sin
Intrinsic-57 ATan2
Intrinsic-58 Mod
Intrinsic-59 Log
Intrinsic-60 Cos
Intrinsics 61 - 78
Intrinsic-61 Tan
Intrinsic-62 ASin
Intrinsic-63 ACos
Intrinsic-64 Floor
Intrinsic-65 Ceil
Intrinsic-66 Pow
Intrinsic-67 ExtJmp
Intrinsic-68 ExtCal
Intrinsic-69 Attrib
Intrinsic-70 SetWind
Intrinsic-71 RawText
Intrinsic-72 Hilight
Intrinsic-73 Malloc
Intrinsic-74 Release
Intrinsic-75 TrapC
Intrinsic-76 TestC
Intrinsic-77 Equip
Intrinsic-78 Shrink
Extended Intrinsics
Intrinsics 79 - 100
Intrinsic-79 RanSeed
Intrinsic-80 Irq
Intrinsic-81 CloseOnTerminate
Intrinsic-82 GetTime
Intrinsic-83 Backup
Intrinsic-84 SetHexDigits
Intrinsic-85 ReallocMem
Intrinsic-88 ShowCursor
Intrinsic-89 GetCursorInfo
Intrinsic-90 CommandLine
Intrinsic-91 GetFileInfo
Intrinsic-92 GetPathInfo
Intrinsic-93 SetPathInfo
Intrinsic-94 DelayUS
Intrinsic-95 GetParams
Intrinsic-96 SetParams
Intrinsic-98 GetKeyState
Intrinsic-99 SetCharAttrib
Intrinsic-100 CursorChar
Intrinsics 101- 109
Intrinsic-101 DelayMS
Intrinsic-102 MulDiv
Intrinsic-103 GetSysTime
Intrinsic-104 GetScanCode
Keyboard Scan Codes
Virtual Key Codes
BIOS Key Codes
Scan Code Program
Intrinsic-105 GetMouseState
Intrinsic-106 GetLastKey
Intrinsic-107 GetVideoMode
Intrinsic-108 SetPalette
Intrinsic-109 TimeSlice
Graphics Intrinsics 110- 139
RGB Values
Intrinsic-110 AllocateBitmap
Intrinsic-111 DeAllocBitmap
Intrinsic-112 LoadBitmap
Intrinsic-113 SaveBitmap
Intrinsic-114 CopyImage
Intrinsic-115 PaintImage
Intrinsic-116 SetCopyMode
Intrinsic-117 GetBitmapSize
Intrinsic-118 SetBitmapSize
Intrinsic-119 SetPixel
Intrinsic-120 GetPixel
Intrinsic-121 ClearImage
Intrinsic-122 DrawCircle
Intrinsic-123 DrawEllipse
Intrinsic-124 DrawRectangle
Intrinsic-125 MoveTo
Intrinsic-126 Lineto
Intrinsic-127 Polyline
Intrinsic-128 GetPenPos
Intrinsic-129 SetFill
Intrinsic-130 SetPen
Intrinsic-131 TextOut
Intrinsic-132 SetFontFace
Intrinsic-133 SetFontColor
Intrinsic-134 SetFontStyle
Intrinsic-135 GetFontInfo
Intrinsic-136 CopyFont
Intrinsic-138 SetBorderColor
Intrinsic-139 EnableRefresh
Intrinsic 140-145
Intrinsic-140 PlaySoundFile
Intrinsic-141 PlaySoundData
Intrinsic-142 AbortSound
Intrinsic-143 GetSoundStatus
Intrinsic - 145 PrintImage
Intrinsic - 146 SetScreenScale
Intrinsic - 147 GetScreenScale
Intrinsic - 148 GetSysMetrics
3D Intrinsics
3D Tutorial
3D Basics
3D Programming, Step-By-Step
3D Templates
3D Example Programs
3D Tables
Intrinsics 150-195
Instrinsic-150 Enable3DViewer
Instrinsic-151 Set3DWindow
Instrinsic-152 Set3DRenderMode
Instrinsic-153 Add3DObject
Instrinsic-154 Delete3DObject
Instrinsic-155 Position3DObject
Instrinsic-156 Rotate3DObject
Instrinsic-157 Add3DTriangle
Instrinsic-158 Add3DRectangle
Instrinsic-159 Add3DLine
Instrinsic-161 Update3DViewer
Instrinsic-162 Set3DNormals
Instrinsic-163 Clear3DData
Instrinsic-164 Get3DViewerInfo
Instrinsic-165 Set3DBackColor
Instrinsic-166 Reset3DTransforms
Instrinsic-167 Set3DAmbient
Instrinsic-168 Get3DCount
Instrinsic-169 Set3DItemColor
Instrinsic-170 RGBToColor
Instrinsic-171 Set3DLights
Instrinsic-172 Set3DObjectColor
Instrinsic-173 Set3DObjectAlpha
Instrinsic-174 Set3DBackground
Instrinsic-175 Load3DFile
Instrinsic-176 Save3DFile
Instrinsic-177 FitTo3DWindow
Instrinsic-178 Copy3DObjects
Instrinsic-179 Test3DHit
Instrinsic-180 Mouse3DControl
Instrinsic-181 Set3DText
Instrinsic-182 Get3DObjectInfo
Instrinsic-183 Scale3DObject
Instrinsic-184 Set3DTexture
Texture Modes
Instrinsic-185 Set3DTextureParams
Instrinsic-186 Set3DTextureFlags
Instrinsic-187 Set3DViewerMode
Instrinsic-188 Get3DObjPosRot
Instrinsic-189 Set3DObjectData
Instrinsic-190 Orient3DObject
Instrinsic-191 Set3DMaterials
Instrinsic-192 Show3DNormals
Instrinsic-193 Get3DListHandle
Instrinsic-194 Set3DStrokeText
Instrinsic-195 Get3DObjectName
Intrinsics-200 GetKeyboardParams
Intrinsics-201 SetKeyboardParams
Unimplimented Instrinsics
Installation Technical Details
Converting Old Programs
Embedded XPL
Future Plans
Language Issues
XPL0 Language
Language Overview
Example Program: Guess
Compiling And Running
Integer Constants
Hex Constants
ASCII Constants
Real Constants
Declared Constants
Example Program
Free Format
Arithmetic Expressions
Mixed Mode
Unary Operators
True and False
Boolean Expressions
Example Program: SETS
Shift Operators
If Expression
Constant Expressions
Conditional Compile
Hazards of Real Numbers
Begin - end
If - then - else
Case - of - other
While - do
Repeat - until
Loop - quit
For - do
Subroutine Calls
Null Statements
Example Program: THERMO
Local and Global
Forward Procedures
Forward Functions
External Procedures
Assembly-Language Externals
External .I2L Procedures
Example Program: DICE
How arrays work
Multidimensional Arrays
Complex Data Structures
Constant Arrays
Example Program: RECORDS
Address Operator
Returning Multiple Values
Segment Arrays
Structs or Records
Input And Output
Common Errors
Syntax Summary

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